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can't play fast chords with Lumi

 I just got a lumi, and I am using it with my DAW.  If I try to play a 4-note chord in 8th notes at a moderate tempo (say 120 bpm) it totally chokes.  It plays the first chord, but then the second one comes really late, and by the third one it seems like it's so busy processing it it can't play anything at all.  After that I can keep playing 8th chords all day, and it will never send out another note on.    With 3 note chords it almost can keep up.

So I'm wondering:

Is it just my unit?  Is there someone with a Lumi that can test this with their keyboard?  If it's defective I will send it back.

If it's just a software problem that will get resolved, I might keep it.  I like the basic design and size.... but I need it to be polyphonic!

Can somebody test theirs with a DAW and see if they have this problem?

I have two Seaboard blocks, and they work fine, in fact they are even linked together and coming in the same USB port as the LUMI.... 


Maybe that's the problem?  I was very happy that the two products seem to co-exist, but maybe there's an issue there????  I will try going direct from the Lumi tomorrow and see if that works better....  I'm running the Lumi AFTER the Seaboard in the chain, because the usb port on the end of the Seaboard fits in my space.  The one in the BACK of the Lumi does not.

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