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Sound packs disappeared from Roli Connect

I'm using MacOS Mojave.  All my sound packs used to show up in my Roli Connect.  I bought four new sound packs yesterday, but as I checked Roli Connect throughout the day they did not appear.

So I quit out of Roli Connect and restarted Roli Connect.  Still no new sound packs.

Then I signed out of Roli Connect and signed back in.  BOOM - it now shows NO sound packs (see attachment).

However, when I'm in Equator, as you can see in an attachment - all of the sound packs I had already purchased are there - but not the new ones I purchased yesterday.

So the original sound packs I owned have not been deleted, they just don't show up in Roli Connect... also, I can't get to the new sound packs I've ordered.

I have not recently updated my MacOS, nor have I installed any new hardware.  I've used my Roli blocks within the last week and nothing appeared amiss.


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Hi Russell,

I'm very sorry you're experiencing this issue, especially just after just purchasing some new sounds.

We're working on releasing a fix ASAP which won't require a new build of Connect, and will result in your new purchases showing up in the Sound tab of Connect as usual.

Thanks for your patience,


Similar problem here on windows 10, 64 bits

Roli Connect say: no soundpacks found.

Restarted Roli Connect, logged in/out, nothing...

Thing scares me, can i lose access to the sounds?

Roli Connect 1.017

I'm having a similar problem, but with Roli Connect.

I've had RC for some time now, and am using the current version. Recently purchased the OSCar sound pack, and when I went to install it, I discovered all 20 or so of my previously purchased sound packs were no longer listed in RC. Neither was OSCar.

On a separate note, RC no longer properly installs any software updates. It downloads the packages, but it fails to write the updates, and it fails silently. This has been so from my update to macOS 11.

Logging out and logging back in does not correct these problems.

I realize times are a bit weird and hard, but this is some really basic stuff. Customer purchases should not vanish. Updates, once downloaded, should install properly. RC is clearly in need of a thorough debugging and updating.

macOS "Big Sur" 11.6.

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