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Interested in a Lightpad Block -- would I be able to use it for CC "faders"?

In one of the pics on the site there are four separate columns on the Lightpad Block, and I'm hoping you can use those as touch "faders" to control CCs. Is that possible? 

If so, is control as precise as an actual fader possible? I know there are strip "faders" on other Roli products -- just need to know if the Lightpad Block can be configured to work in a similar accurate way by dividing the surface into four vertical faders.


Hi there, yes you can use the Fader Block Lightpad script to control MIDI CCs.

The script configuration looks like this:

Yes - and you can download the free Dynamic Controls app from to design just about any control layout - including up to 15 full vertical or horizontal single-row sliders. (7 or 8 double-row sliders are more practical however.)

Yes - and you can get up to 7 (or more) if you install the free Dynamic Controls app from It allows you to design any controller configuration you'd like.

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