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Glide Snaps to notes/not smooth

Hi I can't figure out how to make the roli glide completely legato even in expression mode with the glide (far left fader) all the way up I can hear it snapping to note on the way down. For long slow expressive glides this is annoying. This is one of the main reasons I bought the Roli was to be able to do this ala Vangelis with the CS80. I've looked in the dashboard software and can't find anything there or in the in the documentation. Is there a way to get true legato? Like you are playing a thermin or ondes martenot? Thanks!

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Thanks for the question, I think I can hear roughly what you're talking about, but would it be possible for you to attach an audio file so I can hear it exactly?

One thing that could be happening is that there are only so many sensors beneath the keywaves, so sometimes you can hear 'quantisation' on the output as one sensor activates/deactivates. A way to counteract this is actually to press a little harder when gliding, which can 'engage' more sensors and give a more accurate reading. Granted this may have an undesired effect on certain presets.



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