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were can I find starting software?

 I bought a roli songmaker kit, but were can I find the software to start playing, everything I see I have to buy, is there no free staarting software?

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That's the SN code printed under your ROLI device.

With ROLI Connect, you paste it after having clicked on the bar code icon.

Where do I find my software serial #?

It's great that you were helped, because I didn't know how to do it either :D

Go to Roli website, create an account, register the hardware by serial numbers. (if pre-owned you will have to get Roli to un-register first).

Once devices registered, go to your My Roli page and you should see all software that you can download.

Make sure you download Roli Connect, and Roli Dashboard too.

Connect runs in background and if you bring up the display will tell you of new features and software versions you can download.

Dashboard is for managing the devices, setup for different uses and downloading latest firmware.

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