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Adjusting Dashboard parameters while running and using plugins in Logic Pro X

I hope somebody can help me with this matter. I understand that you can adjust the parameters of your Seaboard and your Lightpad, via the Dashboard, while you are using your DAW.

I can start a project, open a Midi Track, select a digital Instrument, and, simultaneously  open the Dashboard in order to adjust the slide, glide, etc. I actually can do that with every new project I open just to try it.

The thing is that I am working right now in one specific project in which, when I try to run the Dashboard, appears a sign stating "Another application is controlling your BLOCKS", and won't let me use the Roli Dashboard. I also states: "To use your BLOCKS with Dashboard, close all other applications that are controlling your BLOCKS."

I would really appreciate if somebody has the answer to this problem, as Roli's assistance definitively sucks.

Thank you.

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