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Charge Seaboard via USB-Hub would damage battery health?

Hi there,

   My Seaboard comes with a USB-A cable to charge and for data transfer. 

   Normally I connect this USB-A to my Mac's USB-A port to charge it but recently as I need to move my Mac Pro into the machine room, it will be too long for the wire to connect, if I switch to a longer cable it may have voltage drop.

   So my plan is to use my exisiting USB-Hub which has a wall plug for power and connect Seaboard to this Hub to charge it. But I wonder would connecting to the Usb-Hub somehow damage the battery health? I've seen many news about battery health gets damaged and I'm worried it may cause safety issues such as battery unhealth and sets it on fire or explode... But on a technical side,  while having another 7 devices plug-ed into this self-powered Usb-Hub which connects to the Mac Pro, would this way damage the health of battery of Seaboard?

     I would guess this will not as I think many Macbook pro users have to use a Usb-Hub or some sort of converter to charge the seaboard as there's no USB-A port on Macbook pro.  But I like to get a confirmation with you guys if you know about this!

Thanks a lot.

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I realize it's been a while since you posted, but FWIW I've charged mine from a hub and various wall adaptors  and it's been fine!

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