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Pixel 2 Lumi Music setup

Pixel 2 blue tooth was not working when I got my Lumi back in January.  Was running V 1.0.4 from the Play Store (Lumi Music (early access)) .  The phone could "see" the Lumi as a connection option, but not connect.  It would begin the connection and immediately drop it.   I was too busy to pursue a fix, so I set it aside till this week (3/30/20).  Emailed support.  They asked me to try the newer version, V 1.1.   So I uninstalled V 1.04 and downloaded the "newer" version from the Play Store.  The app worked!  Odd thing is, it is still the same V 1.0.4.

So support thinks there's a newer V 1.1 Lumi Music app out there for the Pixel, but I could not find it, but the old version worked for me.

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