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No Roli Support answer to tickets after 20 days?

I bought the songmaker kit and am having the following issues:

1. My Seaboard does not charge over 81%

2. Roli Connect disappears into the background - no icon in toolbar etc

3. Roli Dashboard crashes my Windows 10 computer every now and again.

I sent tickets to Roli support on January 1st and did not receive a reply to any of the three tickets. I am very disappointed as I think 20 days is more than sufficient to wait for support. I was so excited to experience Roli products but now am simply disappointed in Roli's lack of support. Does Roli respond to support tickets?

I was hoping someone on the forum could help me especially with issue number one as I believe my seaboard may be faulty and yet receive no response from Roli and I am located in Australia and I feel that I may just end up with a faulty product. My block and loop module charge up to 100%

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Did you ever get a response to your support tickets?

Yes. I took them back to the store I purchased and they swapped them. The new kit works fine.

I have same issues with Renata Sajko,  My Seaboard does not charge over 81%. But i bought packet from ( Repack, used). I plan to return, because i can not activate serial #, some one used that serial #.

I hope some one can help me register and fix power charge issues.

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