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ROLI future service plans

as a long time user of both seaboard 49 and seaboard block, i know the frailty of these units, and both of mine have had to be replaced.

through that experience, i learned that ROLI has only one service facility, in london UK, and that an out-of-warranty repair is required to be shipped there at the customer's expense, regardless of distance, once the unit is out of warranty.

to a life-long audio/music professional who has both used and serviced gear for decades, this is an unprofessional and totally unacceptable situation for your users, whose units are at least somewhat (if not very) likely to fail as both of mine did.

what plans has ROLI, as a company, made to ensure that adequate and reasonable service facilities will exist outside of the UK to support the purchases made in good faith around the world. asking the customer to pay over $250 so you can execute an $88 repair (a real ROLI repair situation with which i'm familiar) is neither adequate nor reasonable.

i look forward to hearing good news about your future plans to better support your customers.

all the best,

Richard Hilton

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