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Lightpad Not Powering Up, Live Just Not Working At All

I have a Seaboard, a Lightpad and a Live. Although the Live powered up when connected to the other two devices, which were then connected to a Mac via USB, it was not recognized in the Dashboard, and was greyed out in Roli Connect.

Support suggested a firmware update via Blutetooth. Again, the Live would only power up when fully connected, so that is how the Bluetooth firmware update needed to happen.

This did not work. Although the Live is now recognized in the Dashboard, a firmware update is still being demanded. That does not work, because the Dashboard powers down the device.

Even worse is that a previously fully functioning Lightpad will not even power up no matter what -- not by attempting manually to power on or being connected directly to the computer via USB. Its existence continues to be noted in the Dashboard, but that is it.

Bottom line is that two our of three songmaker kit devices are currently dead.

Three screen snips are attached.

This has been reported to support. Maybe I will hear something sometime in the future, but who knows if you know what I mean.

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