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EVB3 Drawbars on lightpad(s)

OK forgive my noobness to the dashboard and Roli in general (week am I having fun though.) I'm hoping a light block or 2 will be able to solve a long running challenge of mine; interactive Hammond B3 control!

Background: I like to ride the drawbars as I play tonewheel organs: just so much expressive possibility together with swell and rotor speed that is, IMHO, too often underutilized. MIDI faders work for tactile control and I actually went so far as to pick up a Mötor 61 just to use the preset recall in Logic (motorized faders jump to preset position so I don't have to hunt around for the 'latch' point). This is pretty great, but it's a tad unreliable and I would gladly supplant it with Blocks if I can get similar functionality.

Current: I've been using the Logic control app for the lightpad I just got, and there is a tantalizingly close mode it has with 5 single-row fader bars. I have been able to "learn" a few of these over to drawbars from their default controls, but I can't seem to find where I can specify how many/what color faders turn up for a particular patch/instrument...and as of yet there is no feedback (no lights) for functions i've reassigned.

THE GOAL: I would like to use that 5-up fader layout on 2 lightpads to cover all 9 drawbars on a B3, with lighted indication of the current setting so I can see where they are if I hit a recall keyswitch. (the extra fader could be used for morph...or maybe drive) 

Extra Credit: Altering the fader colors to mimic the black/white drawbars would be awesome. 


1. Can I manipulate the type/layout of the plugin controls in that Logic control app for lightpad? 

2. Am I missing somewhere within logic to set up the feedback necessary for the standard Logic control fader bars to indicate their set position?

3. Is there another lightpad app where I can make/modify a fader-like setup? Anything that sends/receives standard midi messages would do the trick - doesn't need to be specific to logic

TL;DR: How can I use 2 lightpads to control EVB3 drawbars in Logic, preferably with light feedback?

Many thanks!

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