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Roli Loop Block MMC mapping on Bitwig


I'm having trouble mapping my ROLI Loop block onto Bitwig 3.

I'm using a controller script from Jürgen Moßgraber called Flexi, which is now installed by default on the Bitwig releases ( as Generic / Flexi ). This allows me to map any parameter from Bitwig with the MMC option.


This works fine, the only issue is with the play/stop button for instance, works all good when I press it alone, but once I press record, the Bitwig option allows me to start transport once I decide to record, BUT, the Light from the Play button on the loop block is not lit. Same goes for the record in some cases and metronome. 

Looks like there's no Loop Block midi input or it doesn't work properly.. 

I've also tried to map the loop block withe MIDI CC option, but it's the same issue.

Any idea on how to fix this?

I'm using WIN10/ Bitwig 3/ Roli Lightpad+Seaboard block+Loop Block all connected to each other with the Lightpad connected via USB-C/USB3 with the computer, all Blocks firmware updated, Roli Dashboard updated.

I know the guys from Roli designed the Loop Blockr specifically for the Noise app, but that'd be cool to have proper midi MMC, even MIDI CC support for any DAW.

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