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MPE support Ardour DAW

Ardour is the major open source cross platform DAW. More can be read about it: Having MPE support for Roli products would be fantastic in Ardour, such as per note expression editing. As Ardour is an open project, the first step would be to send a developer unit (block or rise) to the main developer for them to get an idea of how exciting and revolutionary MPE is. Developing software is also much easier with the hardware at hand to test.

Can I use to the seaboard block as a midi controller on my Korg m1 software

i cannot agree more ... its ridiculous that there is no daw supporting roli products in their full capacity ... ( and if then just limited or with a lot of setup hacks ) ....  I never tried Ardour but definitely will give it a try now that I know about it ....

Roli send them a unit  ... and ... why don't you make your own daw ?????

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