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Delay/Reverb Toggle

Here's the problem:

1) You find an epic lead patch from equator that you want to record.

2) There's a lot of delay and a huge reverb on the preset (and it's seemingly not controllable from the audio effects inside Roli Studio Player - try to take the delay and reverb from Phase Sync Lead).

3) The delay and reverb make the sound unusable, because you don't want particular dissonant notes to delay over each other.

4) You go to equator and change the sound, but then you find that there's no way to save a new equator setting so that it is the new setting used in Roli Studio Player - unless I'm wrong and just couldn't figure it out...

Long story short:

You need to be able to toggle these settings from Roli Studio Player.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch.

This is indeed possible, you just need to pull up the patch in Equator (or whichever engine it came from), disable or reduce the Reverb and Delay effects, then choose 'Save as', and save the patch with a different name to the original. 

You will then be able to load the modified patch in RSP, and I have attached the 'Phase Sync Lead' match with the Reverb and Delay removed below. 

RSP is designed primarily for performance and songwriting rather than sound design. For editing of sounds, please use the original engine and then save the patch with a modified name, and then you will be able to use it in RSP, and will also be able to use RSP's inbuilt effects to modulate the sound. Please note that the 'Audio Effects' module in RSP is part of the RSP application itself and these effects are applied on top of an existing patch, it doesn't somehow access the effects modules from the engine the patch was originally built in.

Hope that helps!

Marcus | Creator Support Agent

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Wow thanks for the quick response Marcus! It's awesome that Roli is so active with the forums.

I'm very happy to hear that I was wrong. I will try this tonight. 

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