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Roli Studio Drums - Grooves and customisation

Having looked at the only screenshot of the Drums plugin which was available before release, I assumed that we would have grooves available in the new drums plugin (the screenshot shows what appears to be a mock-up UI with 16 tracks showing drum rhythms, and what I assumed would be control similar to the arpeggiator section in the new synth UI in Roli Studio Player.

Is this a planned feature?

I hoped that we would be able to change the number of hits, offset, timing etc for each individual "track" of a groove "set", which would give us an unprecedented amount of control over the rhythmic variations and possibilities with Roli Drums, as I thoroughly enjoyed using Drums on an iPad with a Seaboard Block, and was looking forward to more configuration options when Roli Studio Drums was released.

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Hi, just wondering if there's any news on these potential features (or rather bringing in features from the iPad version of Drums) - I was reminded of Studio Drums' existence by an email, and just wanted to follow up to see if there's been any progress.

Custom patterns and grooves - that really would be a killer feature...

Thanks Geraint - without giving too much away, we hope you'll be pleased with the features we're planning to introduce in future ROLI Studio Drums updates, so keep an eye out!

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Awesome, glad to hear it's still being worked on!

One of the main things I enjoyed about Roli Drums on the iPad was the ability to introduce "fills" by modifying the pressure on the key, as well as slide affecting the rhythmic variation of the "track" - being able to set and modify these fills and variations, modify the timings (even maybe introducing timings other than 4/4) would turn the Studio Drums module into something really quite impressive, in my honest opinion! :)

The arpeggiator UI section in the Synth module really shows how it could be done - though as others have noted and already requested, being able to save modifications to user slots in the arpeggiator would also be very, very useful!

Hi Geraint, good spot! Unfortunately we were unable to include the groove engine in this version of ROLI Studio Drums, as there were a few things we wanted to polish to make it as playable, user-friendly and fun as possible, in particular with regards to MPE gesture control of the grooves. 

Please keep an eye out in a future update to ROLI Studio Drums, and I'll pass your feedback on to the team regarding what you'd like to see in terms of groove control.

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