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rise preset switcher


ive been a happy roli customer for a while, but now with the studio player software my hardware has buttons which no longer operate. with my equator and strobe in standalone i can browse presets (or favourites with strobe) with ease. is this planned oblesence ? i participated in the beta and mentioned this issue but nothing was replied. Seems kinda rough when the long time customers are the ones who forked out heavy dough for your hardware who now sit on hardware with inoperable buttons and an awkward workflow if i want to use the presets i bought through noise

Hi Richard,

As much as we wanted to incorporate every single piece of feedback we received during the beta period in v1.0.0 of ROLI Studio Player, unfortunately this wasn't completely possible. However, feature requests and ideas that haven't made it into v1.0.0 are still being developed to be introduced with future updates.

Unfortunately it wasn't possible to include RISE preset switching in this update, for which we'd like to apologise, but please rest assured that this request has been logged and is something we'll address as soon as we can.

Likewise with factory presets of the engines and the presets you currently access in NOISE soundpacks, we plan on introducing support for these in the future. We'd love to be able to introduce everything at once, but wanted to focus on ensuring the hardware integration was complete for v1.0.0. As a new piece of software available without additional cost to all ROLI hardware owners, we appreciate that it can be frustrating if your suggestion isn't included in the following update, but we're doing what we can to ensure that ROLI Studio Player can become a versatile and creative application for all ROLI creators.

Hey team, I must admit your rise is still blowing my mind, unfortunately even with the latest studio player the preset switching still isn’t working (it’s been 4 months since I sent my request) can you please update soon?

Your support network is not the strongest, 6 months and no developments on this feature request, just a reply that would have taken a long time to write about how you couldn't include the feature in past updates and you will address it "as soon as you can", do you realise my feature request is simply to have your hardware and software working together so i can use your product? I'm not asking you to massage my sore shoulder or cook me lunch, I just want to use my Seaboard Rise, with its preset switchers functioning correctly! being they are the only buttons on the rise it would seem fundamental to me that they function.

This preset switching feature (which is all that keeps the unit usable without staring at a computer screen) is also lacking in the studio drums software. I will buy your cypher 2 once you fi the preset switching. I really love the one plugin for all your sound engines because they are all so good! 

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