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Install, use, background service requests

Dear Roli Team,

Let me make very clear first that I highly appreciate this free gift - Lots of great ideas and more creative-sonic potential. I do have a couple of requests though - excuse me for being very direct and to-the-point:

1. Roli Connect still runs at startup. This has been discussed before, and for many people - like me - this is not acceptable. There really should be an option to save resources to the best possible extent - we're talking about music performance and/or production, where any avoidable CPU and/or memory impact must be avoided. Although nobody says it clearly here, it's obvious that Roli is trying some new-ish copy protection - and while I get that you want to protect your products, please, do look at companies such as U-HE who are running a very simple, yet smart and apparently sufficient approach, not requiring any highly annoying background services to run.

2. Please build in the much (!) requested feature of showing and selecting the installation path - it is very cumbersome that the user needs to e.g. manually find the .dll and to move it to the DAW folder then. Together with little details such as opting for a Desktop shortcut etc. I consider these very (!) basic functionalities of any software installer, so I'm very much looking forward to a good reason as to why this is still not implemented for pretty much any Roli-initiated product.

Thanks for listening.

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