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Dashboard doesn't keep the filter settings, please fix.

 Didn't there use to be a forum to report issues not concerning ROLI Studio? Where am I supposed to report Dashboard issues now? Or hardware issues for that matter?

Anyway, this spot has to do for now.

Back in May I reported to support that Dashboard doesn't keep the app filter settings, but loses them any time an app is chosen, or another hardware is focussed (#72067). While it has been confirmed by support and a solution has been promised for "a future update", a fix hasn't happened yet and is still present as of Dashboard version 4.1.8. I'd like to remind the team about it by reporting on a second channel (rather than bump the ticket).

Issue description:

Dashboard loses the filter setting  as soon as I either choose an app or select a device (by clicking on the device image in the upper section of the GUI).

Receipt to reproduce:
- select any filter (eg "Favorites")
- select a device, or select an app for a device

Result: Filter is emptied and all apps for the selected device are shown.
Expected: Filter setting is kept.

I'll attach a little screen capture (same as provided in the support ticket), to demonstrate how annoying this is, if you have a plethora of Lightpad apps and only use an assortment of six apps in daily use. Since then, two new Lightpads have boarded my little armada, making the process even more tedious if I want to quickly reassign them.

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