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Novation Launchpad X or 4th Lightpad Block?


I was interested in getting one of the new Novation Launchpad X's for the 8x8 pads and then I thought I could just add a 4th Lightpad to my existing blocks since they're in the same price range.








How realistic is it that I could mimic a Launchpad's functionality? The drums and melodic scales should all be pretty much covered with ROLI Dashboard or Studio Player/Drums. Then I thought about it and 4x Lightpads have enough buttons/display to be a sequencer & mixer.


What would I need to use 4x Lightpads as a launchpad/sequencer (in say, Bitwig). Would I need to learn and create a controller script for the specific DAW or would I need to create a Littlefoot app... or controller script AND a Littlefoot ,'/


It was just an idea really. Do ROLI have any plans for creating something similar in the future?

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