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Update on MacOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility?

It has been a over month since the announcement that Roli software may not be compatible with Catalina, urging us to wait for an update.

What is the status?

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I currently have the new mac book pro running Catalina. I have a seaboard arriving shortly.

With all the forum discussions about problems with Catalina I am very reluctant to install the software.

I have an older macbook Pro with an earlier IOS version. My thinking is to install the Roli on my old macbook pro and wait for the upgrades to be in the all clear with Catalina.

My question is will I be able to use the Roli App. on both machines or can an account only be active on one device at a time???

Oh, that is why I could not install! I have been trying to solve this for hours.  I hope this issue could be solved ASAP. We are waiting!!! Thank you for your effort!

OK, it’s (nearly) the last day of 2019. Can we have an update on Catalina compatibility? I’ve the songwriter bundle and hope to order the Seaboard 49 v soon. How long until compatibility without workarounds?

Considering that the only software affected is BFD, can't you just put installers out for the software that has passed testing with Catalina OS?

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