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SEABORAD 49 as Master Keyboaerd


Im trying to get Seaborad to control other synths via midi


Seaboard 49 (USB)

Mbox 2 Pro (Firewire) it has  midi in / out

DAW: Logic X on Mac

I would like to control any externally plugged synth via midi

specifically my Virus Ti2 Snow

Does anyone know how to do this and if I have to use the environment or the midi setup in os x?


Will Roli be adding further compatibility & integration with other DAW's & virtual sound libraries in the near future?  My home studio has been PC based, for many years, & I am composing & orchestrating film projects currently utilizing AVID technologies (Pro Tools, Sibelius notation software, & Media Composer).  My sampling software for virtual instruments includes a combination of EastWest Sounds, Native Instruments, Waves, Cinesamples, & 8DIO, and Spitfire Audio.   Also, are there plans to manufacture an 88 key Rise or Grand replacement?

OK! Awesome! Thank you.

I will give that a go!

You need route input from RISE to your External Hardware Synth.

if its connected via DIN then you need to route Rise49 Midi to it through some app or logic (Sorry I dont use logic).

Set your Rise 49 to Single Channel in Roli Dashboard.

For Routing you can also give the below a try. (Its a Personal Midi Tool i have lately been building).

You will need a webmidi supporting browser like google chrome.

use as the email.

Select Seaboard Rise for IN , and Your Synth Midi port for out.
I have a preset or two in here that I use for HW synths with my Roli (I map pressure/aftertouch to CC11 (Expression if the synth supports it or CC:7 (Volume to control dynamics)  and use Slide Gesture to Mod Wheel (CC1) or whatever my synth needs . 


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