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Decoupled LED feedback on control blocks?

Is it not possible to control the LED colors on a control block independently of the button presses? (using Max)

I'm looking at the native Max BLOCKS Package and the `blocks.multictrl`object doesn't appear to let you set the color of the LEDs independently.


Is there a way to set the LED colors using sysex commands or something similar?

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Not that I found. I ended up working some things out by changing the background color of each button and controlling *that* as feedback but it’s a bit of a pain. In the end it’s just sat in a box in a drawer now...

I'm also interested in doing this. I'm using BOME MIDI Translator to map Toggle, Double Press and Long Press functions to certain buttons on the controller blocks. In order to work, my buttons need to be set as 'Gated', but I'd like to colour the button's on/off states depending on what Bitwig is doing.


So... is it possible to set the LED colours on the controller blocks via raw MIDI/System Exclusive messages?

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