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Question about Lightpad and Live block

 Hello Roli community

i want to get some mobile producing gear to bang out some ideas on the go
my main apps for now on iphone
Koala sampler
FL studio
korg gadget
and hopefully soon beatmaker 3 (when they port it on iphone)

my question is because there are not so many videos out there where we can see how good the implementations is of the lightpad block with 3rd party apps

with dashboard i saw that you can make templates for the pad
i would like to have things like
drum mode 3x3 4x4 5x5
piano mode (is there also a mode like on the push where only the notes gets displayed that are in scale ?)
can i switch on the device itself the templates for 3rd party apps ?
to change octave i didnt find anything beside the live block
does it work that way that i can switch octaves for lightpad in 3rd party apps
and modes ?
do the scale (maybe also the chord and arp function) thing also work in other apps and can i switch thru with the live block in 3rd party apps ? and how can i see whcih root note is set ?
or is it extreme limited and you got the full potential only in roli apps. (would be baaad)

thx in advance for the answers

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