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Roli and Yamaha Montage

I have a Roli 25 I am trying to set up to work with my Montage. I set

the Roli pitch bend to 24 and did the same with the Montage performance. I also

put the Roli into single channel mode, for convenience when building

the Performance. I can switch to multi mode later after copying the

part to each channel.

I took an existing single part Montage preset to work with. The

problem I'm having is that when I hit a note on the Roli, there is a

small amount of pitch bend sent to the Montage. I am not intending to

bend at this point but a small amount is sent out regardless. This

gives me a sound on the Montage that comes across as out of tune.

I don't experience the same when using Equator. I'm wondering if

Equator is set up to ignore small amounts of pitch bend? I am curious,

just to know if I am going down the right track on this issue.

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