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U-HE HIVE 2 now fully MPE (except the lift gesture)

I found that latest U-HE's HIVE revision fully working with poly aftertouch, poly slide and glide for each of 16 voices (with some easy tweaks)

Why you didn't announce that? 

I think, it's one of the best sounding synth.


1) Set bend range to 48 (up and down) and lock it (right click to see lock button)

2) Set "Voice Mode" to "Mono" - lock

3) Set "Voices" to 16 - lock

4) In the bottom of synth's window you can find "Pressure" knob - drag it to "Osc1, Sub1, Sub2, Osc2" volume knobs, set this knobs to minimum, then click on the orange spot around the knob and drag it to maximum (this will give you volume modulation by pressure for each individual voice.

Have fun!

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Should I select MPE mode in Dashboard and use MPE in my DAW (Bitwig)?

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