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Using part of the Seaboard as a Ribbon Controller

I got a first version of the software converting part of the Seaboard to a Ribbon controller working !

You can choose a range of keys and while all other touches on the Seaboard are processed normally (this plugin reduces the channel count of the MPE stream to a single channel, anyway, and calculates appropriate channel control values from the multiple control values than come in via MPE, or all pressed keys), the messages in that key range are handled especially:

The exact position of the press in that range is converted to a new CC #, to be used e.g. as "expression" in "Bowing" mode of a SWAM solo string instrument. the pressure in that range is converted to yet another new CC #, to e.g. be used as bow pressure.

ToDo (but verified to be possible):

 - detect the vertical position of the touch to determine if you want to use the "Ribbon" or the keys (e.g. to use them for the SWAM keyswitches)
 - send a small part of the vertical position as yet another new CC #, to be used as bow position.
 - use the upper "ribbin" independently of the lower ribbon (and the keys) in that section of the "leyboard"

If anybody is interested to test this, please let me know.


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 Oh this is interesting, I've been wanting to buy a ribbon controller for awhile but this could be an alternative.

I'd be glad to test it.

The software is in JSFX  format. It is open source and free and at the moment of course in alpha state.

You can easily test it if you use Reaper as a DAW infrastructure, just by creating a file with the source code.

If you don't want to use Reaper, Cocos provides "Reaplugs" -> This is a collection of VST plugins. One of them ("REAJS") is able to load and execute JSFX plugins (many nice JSFX plugins are provided in that package).

Let me know if you are ready for testing. I'll upload the source code somewhere or you.


Here is a preview of the software ->


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