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Pitch bend doesn't work in Ableton


When I activate Midi Mapping mode in Ableton Live 10 (Command+M) and slide my finger on any Seaboard Block note up and down to learn Pitch Bend for an Ableton control, it records the Midi Mapping as "PB" but going out of Midi Mapping, it moves the control randomly by 1-2% and does nothing otherwise.

In this case I want to Midi-Learn the "Start" control in Ableton Simpler to slide a looping window across the sample in response to sliding up and down on any note while holding down the note. As I said after MIDI-learn sliding up and down will change it by a few percent and do nothing otherwise. I just discovered that it will actually respond when I slide my finger across the keyboard horizontally rather than vertically, but then it also plays different notes and changes the pitch. I want to keep the pitch to the note I pushed, and then slide on the note to modulate the Start control in Simpler.

What am I doing wrong?

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Does it have to do anything with the fact Live doesn't support MPE out of the box?
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