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Controlling Mainstage 3 with Seaboard Blocks and standard Midi

Hi. After days of trying different ways to make this work I have decided to post my questions here, hoping that somebody has the answer... In Mainstage 3 i have set up 2 standard midi keyboards which control 2 different instruments simultaneously. I then tried adding a Seaboard block. I’ve followed the instructions on how to ad this controller by using the Equator plugin on the track. It works, no problems there, but now the other 2 controllers play the sounds from Equator... Is it possible to control Mainstage using multiple keyboards playing individual instruments simultaneously AND to use a Roli Seaboard with 5D expression, playing another instrument simultaneously? Thanks for any feedback!
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Hi Kent, 

Without knowing exactly what your set-up is, it's a bit tricky to advise - but in theory this should be possible. 

Press the 'i' in the top left of MainStage and click on the channel strip with Equator. You will now see the Instrument Channel Strip Inspector along the bottom. In the 'Layer Editor' you can specify a key range for the Seaboard Block that isn't playable by your other MIDI keyboards; like C7 to G8 for example. In Equator's 'Global' and 'Preset Master' tab, you can transpose ±3 octaves to get back in the correct range.

I hope this helps!  

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