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iOS expectations

 I am trying to get adjusted with ROLI and iOS but it's been rather underwhelming. I visited the iOS support page for MPE compatible iOS synthesizers, and purchased several.

I have tested MPE with the follwoing

  1. Moog Animoog
  2. Moog Model 15
  3. Moog Model D
  4. Audio Damage Quanta
The experience with the above synths are all pretty similar. I set the iOS synth to mpe, open roli dashboard and set it to mpe. Here are the consistent quirks I experience.

  1. Notes drop out
  2. Some notes are never triggered
  3. 5d performance gestures seem to have no effect on the iOS synth whatsoever

    How is ROLI quantifying a iOS compatible synth? I think I need to curb my enthusiasm some, or hopefully I am simply missing some configurable.
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Any answer ? 

I have order Rise 49 and I would like to get prepared...

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