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New Logic Control EDIT menu

ROLI: Can you update ROLI Dashboard to customize the notes on the lightpad block in the Logic Control Edit Window as you please?  Whenever I use my songmaker kit with  Logic Control mode to map drums to Battery or some other synth, there are duplicate notes in the 4x4 view so I can only load like 10 sounds on 16 pads. 

Yes! More supporters lol Hope they see this one day. That new ROLI Drums is bananas tho. Played with it last night. Can’t wait to use it in my next session. If they let you add your own drum sounds from your own library, ..... ayayayee.

Yes! I have been wanting this same feature! Simple customizability would be awesome.

Thanks Andreas. Hopefully, more people make this request. Everything else in my setup works so well.

Acutally I think the 4x4 default drum mapping is great; but Genaro is right – it would be great to have an additional 4x4 grid with chromatic notes or custom order since the doubled notes in the default drum grid make it impossible to create custom mappings...

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