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New experience sharing forum for players of expressive electronic instruments

Hi Roli fans!

hope it's ok to post this here. Imho it should be quite interesting for the Roli fanatics out there!

I am one of them, a fellow enthusiastic Seaboard Rise 49 player since almost two years now. And also an Eigenharp, Linnstrument, Morph and soon ContinuuMini player - yes I know, I'm a little crazy about these kind of instruments... :)

As you might have heard, Google+ will close it's doors beginning of April. In an endeavor to find a new home for our Eigenharp community, a number of fellow players have decided to launch a new forum. And as most of us play more than one of these kinds of instruments and think it could be very interesting to actively exchange ideas, we defined the scope of the forum broader. People looking for MPE-synth and preset proposals, compositions, meetups or mutual inspiration,  - all owners or people interested in expressive electronic instruments are highly welcome!

Feel free to visit us at

There is also a Roli specific subforum that just waits to get filled:

Or a place to discuss about MPE software and hardware synths:

The main initiative behind the forum (and main admin work) came from Mark "Technobear" Harris (thanks so much!). He is working on some highly interesting open source developments in the direction of MPE synths on PC/Mac/Linux and cheap standalone hardware - some might have heard e.g. from ORAC on Organelle or MEC on Raspberry Pi. So the new forum is a good chance to stay up to date and join the discussion - think Mark highly appreciates all comments, praise and constructive critism  :)

Orac intro:

The forum is kindly hosted on the infrastructure of the GigPerformer (an MPE compatible  live DAW) owner - another fellow Eigenharp player.  The forum is fully independent though, the domain is owned by Mark.

Our forum is still highly new, categories are not carved in stone - think this will naturally evolve over the next months - suggestions are of course highly welcome!

Thank you for your attention, hope it was a little interesting, looking forward to see you over there!

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Our aim is of course not to replace the individual support forums of the instruments. For support questions regarding Roli products this Roli forum of course stays the place to be.

Our focus are more the overarching topics that are interesting for all expressive electronic instrument players.

Even though the instruments have some similarities, they can be quite different when it comes to feel and "sweet spots" - I think even when using the same synth the pieces improvised or transcribed to the different instruments can turn out completely different.

Thus we also have instrument specific forums - it is often quite interesting to know from which perspective a player is coming. Still players from other instruments might be able to learn from it or take proposed presets or sound design ideas as a starting point, adapting them to their instrument(s).

I think you get the idea - the subforums should be comfort zones for the individual groups, but looking over the fence is highly welcome and recommended :)
I guess over time we will distil out further subforums for the overarching topics as considered helpful - proposals are of course always appreciated! :)

I see, a number of seaboard players have already found their way in. Great, nice to have you! :)

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