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Equator issue with Foot Controllers Seaboard Grand Stage.

I can set up an expression pedal (No.3) on the SGS to use CC 109 which in Equator running on the W10 PC controls the Rise middle fader from 1-100.  

I switch on the distortion module , zero all the dials and then attach to the last dial "Level" (red=15 / yellow 15->100)

When I depress the Expression pedal I see the middle Rise fader animate the level, I see the distortion level animate.

When I strike a note on the Seaboard Grand Stage its volume that plays out of the PC speakers change as I use the expression pedal...  All as expected.

However I want to use the Seaboard Grand Stage playing live using expr pedal as a volume control,   When I save the patch to the dial to use in standalone mode the Expr does not work.

I'm using all the latest installs of Dashboard/Equator/ firmware on the SGS.