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Distortion on iPhone XS with Noise

Not sure if anyone else had experienced this but on my iPhone XS there is serious (as in makes it unusable) distortion when I try and play more than two tracks in Noise. I know the phone is OK as I can play music and films without distortion and I know the tracks are OK because on my iPad I can play the four tracks without any issue. However on my XS, running any more than two tracks results in the distortion. It also makes no difference what music mix I select. If I run three or four tracks at once I get the same result. Suggestions?

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I’ve the same problem, xs 256gb. There will be updates?

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Same for me on an XR. Lots of distorted cracking sounds.
I feel like my iPhone 7plus had less of an issue but now with the most updated iPhone X's Max 256, I get some serious clipping on fourth track. Also the metronome seems to stutter a bit

Hi all, 

We’re aware of an issue affecting certain iPad and iPhone models when processing audio.

Apple have acknowledged this and are aiming to provide a fix in a software update. 

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Have the same problem with iPhone XR 64GB Please let us know if there are any updates on this.. Do you know if this problem occurs with newest iPad model? 12.9inch 4g

came here to address the same issue. Any updates on this yet?

Came here with the same issue. Makes the blocks unusable with my mobile device. Any word on a fix?
I hadn’t read this previously. Sad to hear it’s an OS issue, but explains why none of the Noise releases fixes it. I have the latest beta so i’ll try this tonight.
I have recently purchased the ROLI Blocks Songmaker Kit and had an old iPad Mini 2 16gb WiFi which I started using it with. Feeling the limits of the storage on that device I upgraded to the newest iPad Pro 11” 512gb WiFi. Figuring this was the best you can get I anticipated excellent performance from Noise on this new iPad. I didn’t really hear any major issues when using my older iPad Mini 2. I’m dealing with LOTS of digital caving, Static and breaking, when using more than 2 tracks on noise. I posted an example project on that I just outputted from my iPad Pro to my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Audio Evolution Mobile Version, which works great, using the iRig Pro DUO as a USB Audio interface between the iPad and the Android. I use a USB-C to Headphone Out with other ports on it including USB-C Power passthrough so I can keep the iPad charged while using it from Satechi that I got on Amazon. I use the MPOW Audio Grounding filter to make sure no charging noise gets through to the master. This is the link to the project on This is the link to the recorded file on Audio Evolution This isn’t refined for master, just an example, starting from the first 2 tracks, then adding on the additional tracks and them some effects. Overall, it seems to get better with the addition of effects, because it seems to have to worry about processing those before the sounds since they’re pre-. My theory is that since Apple has removed direct audio output from their devices, ie. headphone port, we now require additional hardware to output audio. Hardware audio output processing isn’t as robust on these newer units as it was with older units because the direct audio out had to sound pristine. Now they rely on Bluetooth, so devoted audio hardware has been... “cheapened”? I wish this rational had occurred to me before diving on the “latest and greatest” iPad Pro. ROLI, please step in here and make adjustments to the LONG since updated Noise App. It really needs your TLC and updating to keep up with the latest hardware trends. Regards.
I just checked the release notes for the latest beta of iOS 13 and this appears under “audio“ “Real–time audio apps no longer exhibit audio artifacts.” Does this mean that iOS 13 fixes the problem, and if you don’t upgrade from iOS 12, the problem won’t ever be resolved? I don’t know. However, once a few more public beta’s have been released, I’ll probably go to iOS 13 just to have the artifact issue behind me.
Got the same problem with my iphone XS and iPad Pro 11” 256GB. It’s useless now. Hope the fix will be released soon.
I’ve got the iOS 13 beta 3 on my iPhone XS Max. Still has the distortion and popping. Lame.
Roli is there any update on this? Would like to hear something from you on this long overdue issue. Thanks.
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