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MIdi sync with external hardware

Hi Folks

I have a TC Helicon Voicelive 3, and am looking for a device that will allow me to play drumpads/loops and keys, and with sync/send midi tempo data to the Voicelive (which will only slave to an external device, no send message). The voicelive has either midi in or USB.

I want to avoid using a laptop - I need something compact & that will operate independently, ie not just a midi controller.

I like the Roli concept a lot, and using a phone or iPad is fine, but need to know if/how I could link the two.

Thanks for any advice,

Your opinion is very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Yes, I'm currently looking to do the same thing. I'm Bluetoothing-ing the Roli wirelessly into my iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone is going into an iConnectivity Four Plus to a Lehle 3 at 1 to feed different instruments into the Voicelive 3. I'm coming from the MIDI out (5-pin) on the iConnectivity to the MIDI in (5-pin) of the Voicelive 3. I'm pretty sure I've got the channel selected correctly for the Roli and the proper MIDI selection for the Voicelive 3's port. To keep the Roli powered, I even have it hardwired to the iConnectivity with the Seaboard Block's provided cable, but I've tried syncing without, too, but no dice. I have the Songmaker Kit and would love for tempos to sync. Should I try USB MIDI? I'm so choose to having the rig I want. This is one of the last stumbling blocks. Please help! My rig would be practically perfect with MIDI sync.
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