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Velocity advice for Seaboard (Blocks)

Hi everyone, I’ve just got a Seaboard Blocks, and so far I love it. I realise that there’s a learning curve and some adaptation required compared with a ‘normal’ keyboard, and I’m slowly getting used to its differences in most areas. But one area I am having trouble with is when playing standard piano and electronic piano sounds from third party plugins, eg EXS24 or Synthogy Ivory II, due to velocity/playability issues. I’ve played around in the Roli Dashboard with the velocity (strike) parameter, with the velocity settings within the plugins themselves, as well as the MIDI FX Velocity Processor, but I’ve not got any decent results yet. Does anyone have any advice please? I only have a very limited space for my home studio, so ideally don’t want to have to bring another MIDI controller in just for the times I need a piano sound. Thanks 

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I have the same issue, velocity sensitivity is too low for normal playing on non MPE plugins. How to adjust the velocity curve for the seaboard block?!!!!!
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