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I'm really excited about the buying 2 seabord blocks or a rise 49. I want to implement it to my band where I use a huge ableton project with 100 ish tracks (lot of songs in there!)
I'm worried weather with the complicated 18 track (16 midi + hosts..) setup it is doable at all for me, and if yes, could it be comfortable at all... The music is very improvisation and I cannot complicate more this ableton project bc.
Does anyone have any experience in such situations?

(win 10, live 9 might upgrade if needed, apc40 mkii, novation impulse + virtual midi to resolume running on same machine)

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I'm using a Rise 25 with Ableton and an APC40 MKII. It's usually the setup that is a little bit tedious but when you're up and rolling it works great.

I've only had one "major" problem though. I haven't figured out a good way to start recording all the 16 midi tracks with the APC40. I've solved it by creating another audio track that I send the host audio to and just record that one.

It's probably not the best solution as you can't go in and edit the midi later on but it works!

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