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Logic Pro X , No Midi Mono Mode Menu and Instructions need updating

I just purchased Logic Pro X since it seems to be the best bang for my buck to get the best use out of my Roli Seaboard Block since Reason does not support MPE. After install I hooked up my Seaboard Block and started to go through the video "How to use a Seaboard to control instruments in Logic Pro" and follow the instructions on the "Logic: Using BLOCKS to play instruments in Logic Pro X" page. 

First off the Roli Dashboard seems to be updated and the settings have been altered  from what is in the instructions of the video and the web page. I think there needs to be an update of both of these. For example, the video says to select "Default" mode. I do not have that in my Dashboard. I only have Piano, MPE, Multi Channel, and Single Channel. 

As I had mentioned, the settings sections appear to be somewhat different. There is no "Use MPE" checkbox anywhere that I can find. The "Help" section is practically worthless in the Dashboard. Is there an "Updated" pdf that explains everything somewhere?

Now here is the weird part, in Logic Pro X (10.4.1), there is no bottom menu to select Midi Mono Mode in any of the instruments that are suppose to be compatible with MPE. 

Please advise!!

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Ok, I found that in Logic Pro X, under the Preferences/Advanced tab that I needed to have "Show Advanced Tools" on to see the Extended Menu on the bottom. Now I am experimenting with the Roli Dashboard settings to wee what works best.

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