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Equator vs Cypher2

I was really impressed with Cypher2. I was curious how different Equator was from Cypher2? Is it fair to think of Cypher2 as a better and more recent version of Equator or are these synths different beasts?

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Hi Shaikat, 

Thanks for asking. Equator and Cypher2 are both optimized for the five dimensions of touch of the Seaboard and BLOCKS and are designed to be as expressive as possible when paired with these MPE controllers. However, they are quite different synths. Cypher2 is primarily a analog modeling synthesizer with FM and audio-rate modulation and extensive modulation capabilities via the TransMod system. Equator – in addition to subtractive synthesis – offers other synthesis techniques including sample playback, and so it is possible to get authentic acoustic sounds. 

These videos give you a sense of the sounds available in Equator and Cypher2:

You may also try out a demo of Cypher2 here:


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