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Roli Seaboard Block and MIO 10


I have 2 Roli Seaboard Blocks. I am running out of room for USB connections on my PC. Can I connect it to a MIO 10 to do some MIDI routing? 

I hear that it works with a Seaboard Rise. 

Connecting it does not automatically recognize the block like my other USB Midi compliant gear.

Any thoughts? 



Hi Rich,

As we haven't tested the iConnectivity mio10, I'm not able to offer advice on how well it works with the Seaboard Block. Perhaps other creators have experience with it and will chime in.



I have not been able to find anyone in the FB groups and Forums. Is the Roli Seaboard Block fully USB MIDI compliant? If I cannot find someone, can I make arrangements to talk to someone to see if there is anything I need to prep (on the Dashboard perhaps)?



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