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How do i set the default app for lightpad block?

I've built my own app in BLOCKS code and put it into ROLI/LittleFoot folder.

When i start Dashboard i see the app in the list and load it into block, but when i exit Dashboard it changes to another app. The app that shows up can be anything and consecutive loadings sometimes change it.

I'm currently using OS X El Capitan, Dashboard 4.1.1 and block firmware 0.4.3.

On previous versions of Dashboard and firmware 0.4.2 the block always kept the app that i've loaded into it even with Blocks Code even when i've switched the block off and on. Now after update exiting Dashborad or Blocks Code makes the block to show another app.

How can i make the block to keep my app as before?

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Hi Max,

Thanks for asking about this. Normally ROLI Dashboard will remember the last script it loaded on a Block and try to load that one on again whenever it sees this Block again. In many circumstances this makes sense, although we'll be looking at refining this behavior.

For your purposes, a workaround for now would be to keep your scripts in ‘~/Documents/ROLI/LittleFoot’ so that ROLI Dashboard can see them. After the first time you load this script on with ROLI Dashboard it will persist. 

Please let me know if this helps or if you have any questions.


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