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Seaboard Rise with Polyend Poly Eurorack module

I’m attempting to use my Seaboard Rise to control my eurorack using the Polyend Poly module to convert midi to CV and can’t get the two to function quite the way I anticipated. Basically, I want to use the Velocity outputs on the Poly to open and close my VCAs, with my pressure on the Seaboard basically acting as the envelope rather than just triggering envelopes with the Gate outputs and using the Velocity outputs to control something else. This way, I can take advantage of some awesome playing dynamics. Using the Velocity outs to the VCAs works, and my volume changes with my pressure, but the issue I’m having is that when I release, the VCAs stay open. It seems that the Velocity outs continue to send whatever the last level of CV to the VCAs was before releasing. I’m wondering if this may be something I need to configure with my Seaboard. I’ve seen what I’m trying to achieve done in a handful of videos with a Roli and the Expert Sleepers FH-1 and FH-2, so I figured it’d be the same with the Polyend module, being a midi to CV converter that supports MPE. I just received my Seaboard a few days ago and haven’t really dove into the Dashboard or Equator yet, since my main goal was to use it with my modular, so any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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I imagine that you are looking for a more direct solution between how the Rise and Poly handle their signals, but as a modular user I can definitely think of workarounds. First thing that comes to mind is using something like a slope detector and/or comparator to extract a gate from the pressure envelope, and use that to open and close the VCAs. But of course that means more modules = more real estate, so hopefully there is a more elegant solution.

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