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Loop Block Malfunction

My loop block functions completely normal with my iPad and NOISE except, that Everytime I connect the loop block to my iPad via Bluetooth, the lights of the buttons on the loop block turn completely off. I can still use the buttons normally but the backlight of the buttons are off. What can I do?

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Hi Anton, 

Have you updated your Loop Block's firmware in NOISE? If so, it's worth following some of the suggestions here: My Blocks are Behaving Unexpectedly. If you have any more questions please feel free to get in touch with our support team.


It's been happening to me long enough I've put them away and brought them out recently and it's just as bad as ever. Both loop and live simply don't turn on, and it is impossible to connect to them to update the firmware on top of that. Either my PC can't udpate because it requires Bluetooth Midi, or Noise says I have too many devices connected and refuses to update. Hint - Lightpad and the Loop Block are the only devices I have connected. 

Hey Tardo, they'll require charging over DNA which can take a little while.

Plug the Lightpad to a power source over USB then connect the loop/live over DNA, it make take a few hours to fully charge.

In terms of updating through Noise, the updating Block must be the only device connected, so the Lightpad can't be connected at the same time.

Hope this helps you! Jared

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