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External MIDIcontroller in to Noise app

Is it possible to play Noise app with an external midi controller? Either bluetooth or wired?

I have tried but no success. I don't care that the external controller is not MPE - in fact I  often do not want all that expression. Somtimes no expression is best. 

Hi Jeff,

NOISE has been customized to work seamlessly with BLOCKS. While currently NOISE does not respond to other external MIDI controllers, we'll be happy to look at adding this functionality in the future. In addition, if you haven't already done so, you might be interested in checking out Seaboard 5D, which may be used with other MIDI controllers.


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I am also interested in this feature. There has been some talk among other musicians about the new technology and hardware and desire to integrate more traditional gear into sound design things as well. Sometimes a certain tool has character about it that brings out creativity a bit more than others. For example, I have a midi guitar that I would love to use with these apps. I play the Seaboard app with the midi guitar and it blows me away, but with guitar being my first instrument and main skill set it is easier for me to express myself using the guitar shaped controller than it is to sit down at the keys. I am also looking at getting the Seaboard Rise 49 because I do appreciate the unique look and feel it offers. Likewise with the other new generation MPE controllers, each other them bring something else to the table and unlocking the Roli software for use with them could maybe attract more potential customers or at least help the small community of MPE users grow in a more organic way.
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