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NOISE equivalent on masOS?

I don't have an iPhone or iPad. But I do have a MacBook and was wondering if there is a noise equivalent for macOS. The whole "plug'n'play" aspect of the songmaker kit was my main reason to purchase it. Ableton is cool, I guess.. but the Setup is more complicated than espected.

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BLOCKS comes with a few goodies for desktop use, which aren't an exact equivalent, but give you many of the same features. You've got Equator, which uses the same sound engine as most of NOISE and can be used as a standalone application and as an AU/VST plugin in any DAW (it doesn't include the drums or SWAM sounds of NOISE though, which are produced by separate engines; more on that in the future!). If you log into your account on you'll also see activation codes for some other 3rd party apps like: 

  • Tracktion Waveform – a great MPE-compatible DAW
  • Cycling '74 Max – not a plug and play option but an amazing tool for digging into infinitely customisable setups and instruments
  • Unfiltered Audio Instant Delay – this is a plugin which uses the Lightpad Block to control the delay effect in several ways all at once using the pressure-sensitive surface
  • Ableton Live Lite – which you've already tried, and is a very powerful DAW