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roli block ios locked

why is this system so locked for ios software. and not compatible with almost any other studio program. makes me alittle angry when u take that sort of price. and ur locked with only shitty presets of sounds that u have no use for. and still cant use it in studio program. and thats the only reason i buy it. cant use noice.  and im deffenently not paying for those apps roli wants to use. when i already have sonar X3 producer. and its still not working properly for that program eather. even though its a midi keyboard. 

so any other keyboard would work. but not this one. so boring. if u are windows user or androide user.  sell ur roli. jesus what a peice of crap. 

please open it to work on other programs. so i can use what i paid for. its gone on long enough !!

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Hi there Torliev,

Thanks for joining the conversation. As you probably know BLOCKS work as conventional MIDI controllers with any software (including Windows apps) that can receive and respond to standard MIDI messages. If you're having trouble with SONAR, I recommend either contacting our support team or Cakewalk's.

Android compatibility is unfortunately outside of ROLI's control. We've been working hard to resolve this as best we can but we don't expect there to be any resolution to NOISE/Android compatibility any time soon, because of the way the whole Android system is structured. This challenge is much bigger than any one company can solve. Android hasn't been designed to support pro audio, and even some of the latest devices can't handle it without a lot of latency and jitteriness. You can read more detail here.

Additionally, BLOCKS use MPE, so software that is compatible with MPE – including our custom synthesizer Equator as well as Strobe2 and many other apps available for both Windows and MacOS – allows full expression of the five dimensions of touch.

If you'd like some assistance setting up SONAR or other apps please feel free to get in touch with our support team or ask here.



still dont work as a keyboard in sonar eather. or any other program. even ableton. it dont work as it should. 

the sound is laggy. and nonrespnsive to any pressure almost. 

all i wanted to use it for is to have pure instrument sounds compatible with the block. but thats not possible now is it. unless i spend alot of more money on ur programs. 

 so i think ill just have to sell it then and buy somthing else to use. 

and the equator and strobe2 are useless programs in my eyes. the premade sound options are so bad. and i have no use for those. 

but if it could be set up in sonar at all better than it already is. please feel free to try and fix it. but i highly doubt it. or ableton for that matter. in the end i might be the roli thats just broken. i have no idea. 

and also the looper i bought for the block i cant use eather. cz i dont have ios. and thats pretty bad advertisement. and even with an iphone it still didnt work. so i feel like u came out to soon with all ur extra equipment. because it dosent work as it should. 

Hi Torleiv,

Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear that you're not enjoying the sounds in Equator and Strobe2, although as many creators love these sounds – and as we'll continue adding sounds – please feel free to let us know if there are particular types of sounds you'd like to hear.

Regarding Ableton Live, we're big fans, and while we hope to see MPE support introduced in a future version, in the meantime many creators use MPE instruments like the Seaboard and BLOCKS with Ableton. Here are a few articles on using BLOCKS with Ableton:

Ableton: Using BLOCKS as Melodic Instruments in Ableton Live

Ableton: Using a Lightpad Block to Control Effects in Ableton Live

Ableton: How to control Ableton Live 10's Wavetable with a Seaboard

Ableton: Using the Lightpad Block with Ableton Live's Drum Rack

Ableton: Controlling Ableton Live clips and instruments with the Lightpad Block

Additionally, check out this forum post for a handy script that another creator made that automates the setup process in Ableton. 

Regarding the Loop Block, in addition to the integration with NOISE, please see this article for using the Loop Block with other apps: Controlling apps with the Loop Block.

If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help.



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