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inter app audio to record in audio format not midi in garageband so, you can export to mac/window

hello i would like to say that would be a great improve if you add inter audio app  

why? First, the way that works inter audio app at least in garageband is open this app and the daw record in background. So you can access to Swam package and record it.

Second if you want to export the project to mac or windows you don't have noise melody plug in, because it doesn't exist. so all the sounds that you was working disappear and just left the melody in midi format. even if you have full equator mostly sound of noise packs doesn't appear there. 

 the best solution would be Swam integration with garageband and a

noise plug in for mac and windows that works with all sound-packages that you bought so you can record in midi format and export to betters daws for finish the work with the best tools, but if its not possible, at least a mode inter app audio to record the audio of noise app

Hi Ian,

Thanks for sharing this feature request – I can certainly see how this would be useful, and we do want to continue improving integration with third-party apps.

While this isn't necessarily as seamless, at the moment, in addition to exporting your NOISE projects as audio files within NOISE, you may also record the output of NOISE in Logic or other DAWs. See this post, for example, for more details.



Thanks Red i found thats works perfectly, i don't have idea that was possible. the only thing that could improve it would be noise plug in to get in midi file to get edit and more swam packages integration, but now i can start to save in audio files. 



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