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Seaboard Rise won't charge through USB with Mac High Sierra

I updated my mac but now I can't charge or connect through USB to my Roli Seaboard Rise. Anyone have a solution? Please and Thank you.

Hey David,

First, it's worth checking to see if your system recognizes the Seaboard as a USB device. You may go to the Apple menu in upper left corner, press <Option> and then click on "System Information." Under "Hardware" you'll see "USB." Does your Seaboard RISE appear underneath "USB 3.0 Bus"? (You may need to scroll down depending on how many USB devices you have.) If so, I recommend resetting the RISE's firmware manually:

  1. Download the latest firmware version attached to this post.
  2. Download and install SysEx Librarian by Snoize – it's a free application which will help us to push the firmware file to the Seaboard.
  3. Connect the RISE to your computer by USB and – while holding both octave shift buttons – switch it on. After switching it on you can release the octave buttons.
  4. Launch the SysEx Librarian application.
  5. Drag the “latest firmware version” file from your “Downloads” folder into the SysEx Librarian window.
  6. At the top centre of Sysex Librarian, set the “Destination” to “Seaboard RISE”.
  7. Click once on the “RISE latest firmware version” file in Sysex Librarian.
  8. Press “Play” in SysEx Librarian.
  9. The RISE should automatically restart when completed, which may take 30 seconds. Make sure not to touch the RISE until it has fully completed restarting. It may appear to have turned off, but it should restart after several seconds.

If your RISE is not recognized, I recommend trying a different USB cable, and if you have any more questions please feel free to get in touch with our support team.


(78.4 KB)

The SysEx Librarian does not give me the ability to select under destination Seaboard Rise so I can't get past step six.

Also my system does not recognize the Rise as a USB device. I have tried different usb cables.

Same problem, but with Seaboard Block - SysEx Librarian doesn't let me get past step 6,  mac doesn't recognise it as a device. Solutions?

If your system (or SysEx Librarian) doesn't recognize the RISE as a USB device, feel free to reach out to our support team.

@Choice, the Seaboard Block uses different firmware than the RISE and the troubleshooting steps are slightly different. If you've gone through the steps in this article please get in touch with Support and we'll be happy to help you further.

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