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Windows 10 Bluetooth


I just wanted to pass along my experience using the CME widi bud for connecting my Seaboard block to my Asus Win 10 notebook which is running the Equator Player and Strobe2 as VSTs in Cantabile2.

It does work and I am pleased. HOWEVER..... it will choke if you play more than 3 notes keyed at the same time. This causes hanging notes. An "all Off notes midi command will clear them. Also, in most cases playing the key again will clear the hung note. 

Normally this would be a no brainer deal breaker for me.

However the Seaboard block is SOOOO.... expressive that I may live with it,

In my particular case I need the wireless connectivity.

I have other wireless widi products (not bluetooth) which I have used for years.

I originally found info about the widi bud with Roli in a KVR audio forum.

If anyone knows of a better solution short of converting my setup to Apple please contact me.

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I just wanted to add that my Asus Win10 notebook had NO bluetooth at all.

All of the bluetooth comm is located in the widi bud.

Not a bad device even though if it could handle more data that would be cool.

It does handle of the MPE info until you key more than 3 notes at a time.

Thanks for listening

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