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AURAS - first Kontakt library designed for use with MPE



Hey all, wanted to let you know about something really exciting coming out next week. 

AURAS is a sample library for use with NI Kontakt that explores the realm of musical sounds that are formless or undefinable in nature, encouraging exploration of texture and performance over sustained lengths of time. 

It is the first Kontakt library designed for use with ROLI multi-touch technology (it is also compatible with traditional MIDI keyboards).

This is Slate and Ash's first commercial release after producing 2 limited edition libraries REVERIE and RESONANCE that have been used in film scores by Johann Johannson, Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury, Daniel Pemberton, Dan Romer, Neil Davidge and many more.

Our bespoke work has featured on films such as Arrival, Ex_Machina, Annihilation and Darren Aronofsky's recent 10 part series 'One Strange Rock' for which we also composed half of the music score.

AURAS features a collection of multi layered instruments using sample recordings from strings, winds, modular synth, voice, guitar and all sorts of other random oddities. Performing patches from the library with Roli's multitouch technology allows you to polyphonically play with the shapes and forms of each patch in a dynamic and unique way.

As well the curated patches in AURAS there is a COLOURS section of the library which will the broken down layers in their own instances. It has its own GUI which features a mod matrix that allows for simple routing of multi touch parameters to various parameters inside Kontakt allowing for custom building of patches.

The library is available available at an introductory price of £149 (full price £179) until 11th July. There are 150 copies of a vinyl album of tracks made with the library by us and some amazing composers/artists available to the first orders.

If you want to find out more or place a pre-order visit


This looks beautifully-presented. I didn't see an email contact on your website, Simon, so I wanted to ask here, this info could benefit others...

How many out-of-the-box presets are included to play with?

Is there a patch listing and manual?

It would be nice to see more 3rd-party patch/preset libraries for Equator and more support for Seaboard-ready sounds! :)

@Alex Along related lines, I've hoped for a minimalist/simple version of some of the SWAM stuff for desktop.

Would be great if ROLI could bring these sounds to iOS. As is getting obvious to many people (was discussed on the last SonicTalk, with regards to Output’s Arcade), Kontakt is way too heavy for most people’s needs. It’s also common knowledge now that iOS can support some pretty elaborate sound generators, including Noise itself.  While it’s already confusing to have different sound engines in the same app, it’d be really nice to have access to this type of sound control in a ROLI-enabled iOS app.

Hey Simon,

Thanks for sharing! Sounds great, and I'm eager to try it out.


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